Entrepreneurship is a little ship that sails against high tide to find our own little land where we can stay independently, break free from capital land that sucks us dry….

-Sam Haidy-


Satu Tanggapan to “ENTREPRENEURSHIP”

  1. Skylark

    A little bird always wants to fly.
    Never know when he feels the sky.
    Yet, he knows can reach the blue sky.

    Oh, no. He can’t wait to fly.
    Spread his wings daringly up to the sky.
    Failing many times in attempt to going high.

    Question, Mother when I can fly?
    Not now, my son. Wait for a while.
    Not in vain. But in time.

    Nod his head as if the answer is there.

    Look up to the sky. Imagine how blue it is there.
    Can’t I learn from here to go to there?
    Now you know the answers go back to there!

    This time, nodding his head with vivid answers.

    Believe he can fly at a time when he admits to go somewhere.
    A place to which he shall go with passion to linger on somewhere.
    Where about which he shall do some sessions with a little manger.

    Like always his Father does. So does his Mother.

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