From the start, I never intended to make this blog as a personal diary. I’m not the kind of person who would like to share a private thing casually. I prefer to express it through literature works like poetry or artful prose. But sometime there is an interesting thing which can’t be written in other forms of writing but by story-telling using everyday-language. Well, I guess I should give a new category to this kind of writing. I named it “rarity”.

The first rarity I’m gonna post here was happened several months ago, when the movie “ayat-ayat cinta” was just released. My friend offered me to borrow a bootleg VCD of this movie, which had been widely spread previously. Just like most of us, I’m not a clean consumer who totally free from using piracy-thing. Sometime (or perhaps often enough.. hehe..) I buy pirated product, but not for commercial purpose. Usually I just borrow it from my friend and save it on PC for personal collection only.

In this case, I didn’t even intend to buy nor borrow it. My friend just came up and offered me to borrow, and I had no reason to reject (How could I reject an offer to watch “the biggest local box-office movie so far”? Though honestly I wasn’t too interested to watch it, at least its huge success made me curious). So I decided to bring it home and watched it.

I didn’t expect anything when watching this movie, for I hadn’t read the novel version yet. I just wanted to watch and criticize it objectively. In the middle of the movie, I was shocked by one of its musical scores. I thought I had heard it before, somewhere in another movie. After remembering for a while, finally I found out that this one is the musical score from “legends of the fall”, which is one of my favorite movies. First thing I had in mind was: How dare they repeat the same plagiarism as “ekskul” movie did? Why didn’t they learn from that embarrassing mistake?

So the next day I tried to investigate the real motive of the people behind this movie. For I don’t have a direct-connection to its director, HB, I asked for help to one of its actress, RC, whose contact is available. I sent her a message, asked her to forward my message to the director, demanding his responsibility for letting that musical-score inserted to the movie.

Beyond my expectation, RC replied calmly:

“You must be watched the pirated version, right? That version is still using a sample-scoring from the other movies. In the original version, those all had been removed and replaced by original-scoring. Why didn’t you watch the original version? Please appreciate the creative work of local moviemaker….”

She ended her message with a satirical smiling-sign, made me really embarrassed for doing such fatal-blunder. I just wished the ground would swallow me that time….

-Sam Haidy-


2 Tanggapan to “NEW CATEGORY”

  1. ouchhhhhhhh!! that’s a bummer! XP

  2. malaikatcacat Says:

    Where should I put my face? hehe… This is the most embarrassing thing I ever had

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