DIAM (song-lyric version)

Few days ago, one of my friend, a struggling local musician, requested my poem to be written into a song. He just found his mood again to continue his songwriting project, after he had been in hiatus for about a year or two. But he seemed lack of lyric, so he asked for my help. I was considering for a while, thinking which poem I should give to him that would be appropriate. Most of my poems are written in short-rhyming form, with unconventional analogical content. I thought it’s kinda hard to convert them into a song-lyric. If the lyric was too heavy, the song would be overwhelmed. But then I remembered that there’s one of my poem which is a little out of my usual style. The tittle is “diam”. It was written in two stanzas, each contains four lines. Long enough for a song-lyric, just need a necessary adjustment and flexible adaptation. So I decided to give him that one.

The next day, when I just woke up and still lazily laying in my bed, I got SMS from him. Excitedly he told me that he have finished the song and asked me to come to his music studio to listen. I got excited as well, knowing that one of my poem had been written into a song. I couldn’t wait to know the result, so I rushed taking a bath and missed my breakfast. A moment later, I arrived there. Then he played me that song. Such a simple-but-deep song. He succeeded converting my poem to be sung in catchy melodies, with only a little changes from the original version.

Here goes the lyric :

Sejak kata-katamu raib
Aku tersesat dalam labirin gaib
Meraba-raba dinding maya
Tanpa tuntunan cahaya

Kemanakah ku harus melangkah?

Kau masih kukuh bergeming
Mendiamkanku di sini
Mencampakkanku di ruang asing
Membiarkanku sendiri

Mungkin engkau di sana bisa
Berbicara seribu bahasa
Menjawab tentang semua tanya
Yang membiaskan rasa

Akankah kudapatkan lagi
Cahaya terang di dunia

Kemanakah ku harus melangkah?

(back to reff)

Lelah ku bertahan…
Menjalani ini….


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