: Israel

They hunt the mouse
By destroying the house

-Sam Haidy-


4 Tanggapan to “FOOLISH WAR”

  1. so sad.. 😦

  2. malaikatcacat Says:

    People dying for no reason at all
    Age is no difference, or if you’re large or small

    Families’ been torn apart
    Doesn’t have to be this way
    Some people just have no heart
    It’s happening everyday

    Machine gun’s pumping, heart’s thumping
    Death is all around
    People crying for freedom
    No one hears the sound


  3. People said Israeli are the smarter “creature” in the earth made by God, but i don’t think so, they don’t understand what people said collateral damage. just because to hunt the mouse they destroying the house. foooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll. I totally condemn what they did to Palestine.
    I wish Hitler back from the death, coz present day no one like him.

  4. malaikatcacat Says:

    Instead of Hitler, I wish Moses back and bring new commandments to direct Israeli to the right and peaceful way 🙂

    We need no more racial sentiment, for whatever sake.

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