Virgo are a mystery to you and, thus, have power to hold and intrigue you until you solve their riddle.

With a Virgo, you will become concerned with money, long-range security, mystery, the occult, and inheritance. You will dig deep to find things out, to erase any clouds of confusion. Your ruling planet, Uranus, combines with the Mercury of Virgo to produce unusual plans, ideas, and desires. There is attraction here -the kind of attraction, which results from an unknown quantity. You want to know -and Virgo leads you on -either for good or otherwise.

Virgo helps you complete projects. Virgo helps you expand your personal horizons -concern with the unknown is evident. Virgo makes you aware of financial and marital responsibilities. On the positive side, Virgo builds you up and prepares you for the future. On the negative side, Virgo could cause you to become involved in projects, which are expensive and not too practical.

With Virgo, you learn lesson; you discipline yourself where ideas and imagination are concerned. Virgo encourages you to explore -there is opportunity for exciting discoveries which can be converted into profit. The key is to be unusual, to seek far and wide for opportunity, and to settle for nothing but the best. On the positive side, that is exactly what Virgo helps you to do.

The Uranus-Mercury combination could make for a good writing or advertising team. A financial advisor service could succeed with Aquarius and Virgo at the helm. Leave the details to Virgo; handle the public relations and promotion yourself. Then the team could come out on top, could have fun -and also show a profit.

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P.S : Actually I’m not the kind of person who believes in Zodiac. I never take it seriously. But sometimes what it tells seems so true….


2 Tanggapan to “VIRGO for AQUARIUS”

  1. I’m a virgo!

  2. malaikatcacat Says:

    Coincidence 🙂

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