an open letter to E.C

Dear My Whateva,

It’s been almost a year since I accidentally found your blog and fell in love at the first read with your writing thing. I was so surprised and fascinated. And from then on…. I became acquainted with your life, couldn’t take my mind-eye off you. I’ve tried not to take it personal, but sometimes I’m in too deep. This feeling is bewildering, something that I have no control of. An enormous quantity of words frequently popped up inside my head, and I couldn’t resist them from blurting out. They took over my brain and conquered my senses, then flooding toward you….

I’m very sorry if they caused you harder to breathe and overwhelmed. It must be not easy to stay sober under circumstance like that, to deal with an intruder who suddenly came from nowhere and bursted in. But you have enough patience to tolerate. You know how to behave appropriately, show an elegant manner. You allow me revolving around you, as the earth to the sun. Not get any closer, nor farther. You keep me warm from a distance.

Please forgive me for my misdirection. Wise men say, “only fools rush in”. But I can’t help…..



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