Twitter should not be made as a private network like FB or FS. Feel free to talk with strangers, as long as they do us no harm.


Follow people as necessary as possible, not just because (s)he is a celebrity or someone who demands to be followed back.


No need to ask/expect someone you follow to follow you back, especially celebrities. They won’t read our tweets if they don’t even interested anyway.


If you recommend someone on follow-friday, tell the reason why (s)he is worth-followed, not just giving the name.


In case of emergency situation (like a bomb terror), how could you spread the words widely if you lock your account? Think twice and wise before you decide to protect your tweets.


Tweeting should not be confused with chatting, especially those who only chat with their friends. It’s not a private conference.


If you wanna make a private conversation or share a private information, use direct message instead of @.


No need to tweet the same daily things repeatedly, unless your storytelling make them seem not boring.


No need to manipulate trending topic. Quantity without quality equals wasting.


For celebrity: don’t show your location if you don’t wanna be stalked, especially by infotainments.

-Sam Haidy-


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