When I was in college, several years ago, I pushed myself so hard to master poem-writing. Even I set a target: at least I must write one poem per day. Even during class, instead of paying attention on the subject, I was so busy searching for something to be written as a poem. So if something big was happening, I had already ready to grab the moment and pour it into poem. And then Tsunami came…

It was a shocking massive tragedy no one could ever imagine. Even it paralyzed my poem-writing sense for about a week, till I eventually was able to write it down. I had no expectation, just wanted to share my empathy through poem…

And then, coincidentally, I caught an info on the net that there’s a publisher gonna make a poems-anthology book for charity. So I sent mine. I just wanted to contribute, without any expectation to be chosen. So when it came true, it took me by surprise…

It was hard to believe. My name was there, along with Indonesian giant poets: Rendra, Sapardi, Taufiq, Sitor, etc. That made me happy yet sad. I couldn’t celebrate that high achievement upon such tragedy…

But at least, I, along with them, got something to give for the victims. We took no profit from the books’ selling, all were given for charity.

That was the point where I decided to give up my college for literature. So here I am now, still as an unsettled struggling words’ wanderer….

-Sam Haidy-


2 Tanggapan to “FLASHBACK….”

  1. nice… 😀

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