Arsip untuk Mei, 2011


Posted in Poetry on Mei 31, 2011 by Sam Haidy

I’m about to get heart attack
Everytime you give me a surprise
Again and again…
This is an incessant miracle
My soul explodes in rapture

I’ve got nothing to say
Words fail me
Never feel this way before

-Sam Haidy-



Posted in Poetry on Mei 31, 2011 by Sam Haidy

What is it that filling me up?
What is it that ringing my head?
What is it that pumping my blood?
Is it love?

What is it that driving me mad?
What is it that knocking my brain?
What is it that holding my breath?
Is it love?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

-Sam Haidy-


Posted in Poetry on Mei 27, 2011 by Sam Haidy

We’re so good together
I lend you a hand, you mend my flaw
I cast a spell, you open my shell
And the magic begins

What more we could ask for?
We have found each other, explore one another
I’m your highest sky, you’re my deepest sea
That’s how the story ends

-Sam Haidy-


Posted in Poetry on Mei 26, 2011 by Sam Haidy

How do we get here?
Your world and mine suddenly collide
Then we’re falling side by side
To this magnificent land

Is it just a dream?
It feels like one, the highest one
But our feet still touching the ground
As we gaze at surreal sky

-Sam Haidy-

english version of KESEPIAN ABADI – UTOPIA

Posted in Songlyrics translation project on Mei 25, 2011 by Sam Haidy

This cold is unbearable
And I’m shiver all night long
There’s nothing left to warm me
I embrace my own ribs

And my tears keep pouring down
Painting everything to black
There’s nothing to do, nothing to say
I lay down hopelessly

And my soul soaring up
Dancing over eternal loneliness
And my song fade away
As my dreams start to vanish one by one in the air

I adore you endlessly
Can’t get you out of my mind
But now I have to go
And never touch you again


Dingin yang tak terperi
Dalam gelap malamku
Letih aku melawan
Tapi sia-sia

Seperti berjelaga
Warna air mataku
Apa yang bisa kulakukan
Aku telah pergi

Jiwaku menari
Di atas kesepian abadi
Memudar laguku
Luruh bersama hilangnya mimpi-mimpiku

Tak habis ku berkhayal
Tentang indah dirimu
Yang tak akan pernah
Bisa kusentuh lagi


Posted in Poetry on Mei 22, 2011 by Sam Haidy

I never thought we can be this close
I ran with my feet, you flew with your wings
And now, we’re floating in one ship
Sailing across the border of dreams

Is it real?
I slap myself, and it hurts…

-Sam Haidy-

english version of MALAIKAT – UTOPIA

Posted in Songlyrics translation project on Mei 22, 2011 by Sam Haidy

You are such an angel
Come into my life
Save me from the dark
Bring me the light

And I’m fallin in love
Keep me in your arms
I give up to you
Take me away

At the edge of weary life
You pull me out from the darkness
You fill my heart
With everything I long to feel


Kau adalah satu malaikat bijak
Yang pernah ada

Dan ku tlah menyerah di pelukanmu
Aku menyerah

Di ujung lelah ini
Kau menjelma bercahaya
Kau berikan
Keindahan di hatiku