Arsip untuk Juni, 2011


Posted in Poetry on Juni 28, 2011 by Sam Haidy

How long have we been talking?
I can’t tell… you shake your head as well
Minutes? hours? forever?
All we know is we still want more

Though days are felt too short
And nights are never enough
We have to say goodnight
And pick up tomorrow’s light

-Sam Haidy-



Posted in Poetry on Juni 17, 2011 by Sam Haidy

You’re the one who know my worth
Bring out all the best in me
You’re the one who trust my words
Elevate the pride in me

You make me feel so special
Treat me like no other can
You make my self-esteem rise
Give me what I deserve

-Sam Haidy-


Posted in Poetry on Juni 13, 2011 by Sam Haidy

I was trapped in misty road
Couldn’t decide where to go
Until I find you…
Everything is clearer, everything is brighter

I was lost in endless dream
Couldn’t believe will come true
Until I find you…
Everything is possible, everything is reachable

You shine on me
My sun, my star, my everything
You set my world alight

-Sam Haidy-


Posted in Poetry on Juni 9, 2011 by Sam Haidy

Apa gerangan yang sedang menimpa kita?
Getar di dada menjalar ke segenap indera
Ada rasa yang membuncah, ada asa yang merekah
Dua jiwa berbaur dalam debur surgawi

Tak perlu kita jabarkan semua
Cukup puisi-puisi yang bersaksi
Dan nada-nada yang bersabda
Mengalunkan balada kita

(Ciamis, 10 Juni 2011)


Posted in Poetry on Juni 3, 2011 by Sam Haidy

Where do we go now?
The farther we step, the nearer the end
So I’d rather stay here
Freeze in this moment with you

Let’s conquer the time
And make it follow our rhyme
Let’s stop the ticking clock
And replace it with our heartbeat

-Sam Haidy-


Posted in Poetry on Juni 1, 2011 by Sam Haidy

I’m running out of breath
Heavily suffocate
Where’s the ocean I used to swim?
Where are you?

I’m squirming upon the sand
Greatly desperate
Where’s the life supply I used to sip?
Where are you?

Please come now
Don’t make me wait too long
I need you badly now
Like a fish out of water

-Sam Haidy-