I don’t have the strength to fight
It was love at first sight
Dream about you every night
What could be more right?

Sparks in your eyes
Tells no lies
And it makes me realize
Yeah it makes me realize

You blow the cloud that hangin’ in my heart
That drop the rain everytime we’re apart
I close my eyes, make a wish without a sound
That you’ll always be around

I don’t have to try so hard
I just knew it from the start
Take me to your melody
You and I were meant to be


Satu Tanggapan to “YOU AND I – THE DAYDREAMERS”

  1. hola,
    Reconozco que hasta hace poco no me gustaba demasiado estesitio,
    sin embargo ultimamente estoy visitandolo frecuentemente y me
    esta gustando mas.
    Buen trabajo!

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